KROSS Evado 1.0 D pew-ras m moteriškas hibridinis dviratis (28")

Prekės kodas: UB-KREV1Z28X19


Aprašymas / KROSS Evado 1.0 D pew-ras m moteriškas hibridinis dviratis (28")

KROSS Evado 1.0 pew-ras m moteriškas hibridinis dviratis (28")


KROSS Evado 1.0 is our basic cross bike model. And despite the fact that it opens the list of bikes in this segment, it has nothing to be ashamed of. Proven components and solutions, comfortable geometry and adjustment to almost any terrain are the features that distinguish it from its competitors. The KROSS Evado 1.0 cross bike  is a perfect combination of several different types of bikes - primarily trekking and mountain bikes. KROSS Evado 1.0 is still a high-quality bike  at an affordable price .

Equipment for all conditions

KROSS Evado 1.0 has been equipped with Shimano accessories. The Japanese manufacturer has created shifters, derailleurs and a cassette ideally suited to traversing both the city and the forest backwoods. That's why you will find it in your Kross Evado 1.0. KROSS Evado 1.0 also has a suspension fork with a stroke of 30 millimeters. Thanks to this solution, when driving on uneven surfaces, you will maintain comfort and avoid excessive fatigue resulting from the constant work of the body on bumps. This will allow you to get to your destination faster and less tired, retaining more strength for the rest of the day. KROSS Evado 1.0 also has 28-inch wheels, equipped with  Mitas Gripper tires with a width of 42 millimeters,  allowing for efficient movement both in the city and outside it.

Attention to detail

KROSS Evado 1.0 is a number of solutions that increase comfort and safety on the road. Frame made of  performance aluminum. Aluminum Performance 6061 alloy is high stiffness and fracture resistance, and at the same time lightness typical of aluminum.  it is one of the most important elements of this cross bike. Aluminum performance is a special 6061 aluminum alloy, which makes the bike stiff and resistant to breakage. At the same time, it is a relatively light material that can surprise many cyclists with its properties. A cross type bike, such as KROSS Evado 1.0, will also cope well in light terrain thanks to its geometry that makes it easier to cover long distances and observe the situation on the road.

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Daugiau informacijos

Gamintojas KROSS
Lytis Moterims, Unisex
Dviračio modelis Evado 1.0 D
Dydis M (17"): 158 - 170 cm, L (19"): 168 - 180 cm
Šakės eiga 30MM
Lako užbaigimas Matte
Pagrindinė spalva Graphite
Papildoma spalva (antra) Raspberry
Galinis pavarų perjungėjas SHIMANO TOURNEY TY300
Priekinis pavarų perjungėjas SHIMANO TOURNEY TZ510
Pavarų perjungimo rankenėlės SHIMANO EF41
Švaistikliai WHEEL TOP
Priekiniai dantračiai 48T-38T-28T/170MM
Galinis žvaigždžių blokas SHIMANO MF TZ500
Galinio žvaigždžių bloko diapazonas 14-28T
Pavarų skaičius 21
Centrinės ašies guoliai FP-B902
Grandinė YBN S50
Priekinė stebulė GL-B01F-QR
Galinė stebulė GL-B01R-QR
Ratlankis KROSS
Padangos MITAS GRIPPER V84 42-622
Priekiniai stabdžiai V-BRAKE
Galiniai stabdžiai V-BRAKE
Stabdžių rankenėlės SHIMANO EF41
Vairas STEEL 600MM
Vairo iškyša 110MM/25.4 ALUMINUM
Balnelis KROSS
Balnakotis ALUMINUM 27.2X350
Vairo kolonėlės guoliai FP-H863 O1-1 / 8 "
Vairo rankenėlės / juosta KROSS GRIPPEN
Pedalai FP-804
Ratų dydis 28"
Rėmas Aliuminis