• Kross Base One termo marškinėliai
  • Kross Base One termo marškinėliai
  • Kross Base One termo marškinėliai

Kross Base One termo marškinėliai

Prekės kodas: T4COD000271LXLWH
Gamintojas: KROSS
22,90 €

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Kross Base One termo marškinėliai

BASE ONE T-shirt for active athletes
Sports underwear is an important element of the player's clothing. The Kross seamless T-shirt was designed for the most active people looking for solutions that allow them to achieve even better sports results. The product is distinguished primarily by its functionality. The white fabric does not heat up in the sun, and additionally perfectly wicks sweat away from the body and accelerates its evaporation. Thanks to this, a constant body temperature of the cyclist is maintained while riding.

Cycling jersey made with care for every detail
The Kross T-shirt is a product that will work especially well among a wide range of people interested in cycling. The seamless technology guarantees the users perfect adhesion to the athlete's body, without causing abrasions on the body. This specification of underwear also contributes to the effective removal of sweat from its surface. The aforementioned thermal regulation is also supported by special zones with increased breathability, which are located wherever sweat appears in the greatest amounts during physical exertion.

The BASE ONE T-shirt is a guarantee of hygiene
The BASE ONE seamless t-shirt is part of sports underwear responsible for maintaining a high level of hygiene during intense physical effort. Fibers enriched with antibacterial agents neutralize the unpleasant smell of sweat, and the thermal regulation system allows for quick and effective removal of the resulting moisture. The excellent breathability of the BASE ONE T-shirt contributes to the increase in the comfort of using the product, and thus - encourages you to do sports.
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