• KROSS HARRIER II SDE 24"-29" Black purvasaugių komplektas

KROSS HARRIER II SDE 24"-29" Black purvasaugių komplektas

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Gamintojas: KROSS
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KROSS HARRIER II SDE 24"-29" Black purvasaugių komplektas


You don't like driving through puddles? Are you tired of cycling in autumn, because you know that you will need to put in another batch of laundry when you return? A set of KROSS Harrier II mudguards is an excellent choice for every cyclist who is looking for a solution that will allow him to fully enjoy riding both during and after the rain stops. A fender kit is also a great way to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your bike after riding in the rain. Thanks to their shape, they protect the bearings in the bicycle from getting wet and rusting. 

Tailored to your needs

KROSS Harrier II have been created taking into account the requirements that are placed on bicycle mudguards. Therefore, thanks to their optics, they perfectly protect clothing and the bicycle frame against water and mud. Both front and back.

They also provide a wide range of adjustments, which will allow you to adjust them to the shape of your frame and wheel size. At the same time, they are extremely easy to assemble and it only takes a moment to mount or remove them from the bike. However, thanks to their low weight, nothing stands in the way of their permanent presence on the bike.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Wheel size (inch): 24” - 29”
  • Mounting: front with the SPEEDclick adapter screwed into the rear fork stem with the SPEEDclamp quick-release fastener for the seat post
  • Maximum seatpost diameter: Universal
  • Weight (g): 365 g
  • Color: Black

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